The book Yellow Star-Red Star is one of survival of the Shoah – her family lucky that their train to almost certain death was diverted. It is also one of living under the Communists in Hungary. The story is more than a Holocaust survivor’s story; it is one that tells of the author’s struggles post war, how she worked hard to enter Hungarian society by studying to be an electrical engineer. It was the 1956 Revolution that gave her the opportunity to escape, which she did, finally arriving in Folkestone in the United Kingdom.

Her story is one of surviving two dark periods, one from which she emerged with great accomplishment and one which allows us, the reader, a greater insight into a window of a world about which we know so little.

Along with her unique story, the historian László Csősz provides us with important context about the wider story. This book is a remarkable testimony of a remarkable woman, written with great dignity, and only positivity for us to contemplate.

Scott Saunders
Founder, March of the Living UK